4 Simple Ways to Take Care of Your Jewelry

1. Don't Sleep In Jewelry

It's recommended with every jewelry designer and boutiques to not wear in your sleep. Sleeping in jewelry can harm the jewelry or you. You can possibly break your chain and loosen gem pieces.
Put your jewelry to the side where it's the safest.
Jewelry on the table

2. Store your Jewelry Separately

When I've had my first collection of jewelry. I had tossed them all in a single box. This tangled up all the jewelry and can potentially break or scratch them. Care for your jewelry as you do with your expensive products.

Your jewelry can scratch with each other giving it a not so like-new look. It'll help maintain your jewelry for better quality.

Don't put them all together where they can tangle and you'll accidentally pull it apart.

3. Do not use solutions

Keep it simple and do not use any alcohol solutions. We like to go with the basics and wipe with warm water and a cloth to remove any dirt and sweat off your our precious metals. If you attempt to polish your jewelry, there's a chance that you might ruin your jewelry.

Girl wearing bracelet accessories

4. Put your jewelry on last and take it off first

Before putting on your jewelry for the day or night. Make sure you put it on after you have finished putting on your cute outfit, lotion and perfume. You do not want to accidentally pull on your jewelry or have chemicals mix with your pieces.
Jewelry has gotten caught on my clothes many time because I did not wait to put it on last. This goes for the same thing with taking your jewelry off first too.
Make sure you do not sleep with your jewelry on!